Planning A New And Moral Economic System (Humanomics)

The present economic system is sick and is dying. It cannot meet the needs of humanity. The gap between rich and poor is getting wider and wider, which has increased the suffering of the masses. The solutions that can heal it have been ignored. It is time to re-examine the fundamental assumptions that this system was built on and replace them with humane, moral and spiritual ones. We need to build an economic system fit to help mankind to achieve its goal of an ever-advancing civilization, a world where there is no room for economic injustice and people have all the necessities of life so they can live peaceful and fulfilling lives. A shift in thinking is needed. This website aims to provide some insight and suggestions for taking steps to lay the foundation for a better economic future. We have the solutions and the technology to build a new system; all we need is the resolve and the will. Everyone has an inherent power to contribute. The time for action is upon us. This is our eleventh hour.

I have made this website as a source of information with an emphasis on the moral and spiritual aspect of economics where we will discuss spiritually-inspired ideas. Hopefully, the visitor may find my blogs and resources useful and it will empower him or her to act and realize what an amazing power we have as individuals to transform society in every way, including economic ways.

Practical, Everyday Moral Actions are Needed

The Baha’i and other religious Writings make it clear that our economic lives are not separate from our spiritual lives. Our spiritual values, when they are reflected in our daily behavior change us personally and, in turn, change our economic activities, which lead to a change in society. Human values such as truthfulness, honesty, trustworthiness, and justice are the bedrock for a foundation upon which the future economic system can be established.

Economic life is an arena for the expression of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, generosity, and other qualities of the spirit. The individual is not merely a self-interested economic unit, striving to claim an ever-greater share of the world’s material resources.

The Universal House Of Justice, 1 March, 2017

Since we do not have the new economic system in place as yet, we may think that we cannot do anything to bring it about and we must wait for its arrival. But that is not really true. There is so much we can do as individuals in our communities, that is economic in nature and we can do it without realizing that we are participating in economic activity. Our participation will set the example for the rest of the world and at the same time prepare the ground for the time when the new system will come into being.

We live in a very confusing time, particularly after the economic market crash of 2008, which almost destroyed the whole economic system and forced governments to take desperate measures to save the system and avoid universal chaos. That was caused by unchecked greed, which led to a destruction that only a lack of morality can create.

Our Crises are Not Averted — Just Postponed 

Sadly the lesson was not learned and the people in charge and the system act as if nothing happened and continue business as usual which will lead us to more disastrous situations. People are now more scared and uncertain about their economic future and wonder what is going to happen, not realizing how much power they have to change attitudes regarding the current economic system. It is true that the economic field can be very confusing; economists themselves are often very confused. Most economists have done their best to improve the economic conditions. Yet confusion increases every day because they did not understand the station and destiny of the most important factor in the economic system, man/woman. They did not understand that material and spiritual civilization go hand in hand and that there needs to be harmony between science and religion. Nor did they grasp the significance of the oneness of humanity as a great tool for prosperity. They did not make room for humanity’s spiritual goals and aspirations.

My hope is that this website will enable you to gain a greater understanding of economics and will empower you to act and participate in the economic field with confidence and an underlying belief that together we are learning how to lay the foundation for global prosperity and the establishment of the world commonwealth.

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