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The Beauty and Benefits When East and West Meet

I have spent precisely half of my life in the global East, and the other half living in the West. East and West functioned as schools of learning for me, educating me in unique ways.I feel like a lucky plant rooted in the soil of the East and watered and…
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Can We Have a Flag for Our Planet?

Lately I’ve been wishing that we had a flag for our planet, along with our national flags. Wouldn’t it be great to have one universal banner that offers the Earth our commitment, allegiance, respect, and love?Actually, the topic of flags has been occupying my mind and soul for a long…
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Trauma: How Can We Heal Our Wounded Souls?

You’ve likely heard of PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder – but have you heard yet about PCSD? That acronym stands for post-Covid stress disorder, a newly-emerging effect of the pandemic.Increasingly, mental health professionals are recognizing that the global Covid-19 pandemic has wounded the entire world’s emotions. Our souls suffer…
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