A Baha’i Duty: Defending the Essence of All Religions

Recently I revisited this profound quote from the writings of Baha’u’llah, and this time it penetrated my soul and made me clearly see what is happening all around us in every part of the world:The vitality of men’s belief in God is dying out in every land; nothing short of His wholesome medicine…
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Humanomics: Alleviating Poverty Through Virtues

For many years, I’ve tried to emphasize the need for humanity and morality in our economic systems – because I believe that lack of morality is the root cause of misery in the lives of billions of people.Those people struggle daily to survive, in the face of immoral economic injustice.So…
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Trauma: How Can We Heal Our Wounded Souls?

You’ve likely heard of PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder – but have you heard yet about PCSD? That acronym stands for post-Covid stress disorder, a newly-emerging effect of the pandemic.Increasingly, mental health professionals are recognizing that the global Covid-19 pandemic has wounded the entire world’s emotions. Our souls suffer…
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